COVID - 19 Essential collection

Mountain Buggy® is approved by MBIE as an Essential Goods Provider; to provide and deliver the following essential nursery items during COVID-19 alert levels. 

Regions under Level 4: 

  • While parts of New Zealand are under COVID-19 alert level 4, our warehouse is still operational
  • All deliveries of these essential items must be delivered to a residential address. 
  • You may order anything from our webshop, however, only the below essential items can be delivered during Level 4 alert status.
  • Remaining items (those not listed as Essential) will be delivered as we move to Level 3
  • In addition to the below all car seat adaptors , spare parts, and buggy sun and storm covers are also essential items for immediate delivery.

Regions under level 2: 

  • For regions under level 2, orders and deliveries continue as normal.
  • Deliveries can be sent to either a residential or (an open) business address

Please also note: We are currently experiencing a very high demand for our products. We are working hard to get product to you or respond to your enquiry. Due to recent COVID outbreaks affecting some offices around the world, we have lower capacity so may be running behind. At this time, we do appreciate your patience, if we take longer than usual to get you what you need.  

Please know that we are prioritising the safety of our team while working as quickly as we can. One of our team will be in touch with you as soon we can.  Multiple emails/form submissions may delay your query even more; we merely work from oldest to newest enquiries.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your understanding.

kia kaha NZ, MBx

single buggies

Discover Mountain Buggy’s full range of single buggies, prams and strollers
Whether you want an all-terrain or urban solution we have something for every family.
mother of two pushing cosmopolitan buggy in parent facing position with freerider™ scooter attached - Mountain Buggy cosmopolitan™ pilot Popi Barrionuevo, Florida, USA - fabric colour_black cosmopolitan™ flexibility and freedom MB-COSMO_V4 $1,099.00 NZD
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swift™ swift™ designed light, built compact SWI_V3.2 $769.00 NZD
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terrain™ terrain™ maximum control, maximum performance TER_V3 $1,099.00 NZD
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mother pushing baby in nano lightweight buggy in Japan - Mountain Buggy nano™ influencer @courtneywheeler nano™ (2020+) the art of travelling light NANO_V3 $549.00 NZD
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double buggies

Travel, city dwelling or off road adventures our double buggies are perfectly designed to fit varying needs and lifestyles.
mountain buggy cosmopolitan plus in two toddler mode with shopping in the back - front facing 3qtr view - - fabric colour_black cosmopolitan plus™ flexibility and freedom, in line $1,231.20 NZD
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active mum pushing duet buggy while jumping for joy at the snow field - Mountain Buggy duet™ pilot Victoria Collins, mother of four, France duet™ compact side-by-side DUET_V3.2 $1,209.00 NZD
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dad with two toddlers in nano duo buggy, waiting at the airport - Mountain Buggy nano duo™ influencer @elmundodecuca nano duo™ go easy with two NANODUO_V1 $879.00 NZD
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car seats + bases

mountain buggy protect baby capsule keeps baby safe and happy_black-silver protect™ infant car seat (2020+) car-to-buggy newborn essential MB-PROTECT_V3 $399.00 NZD
older kid sitting in comfortable Mountain Buggy  haven car seat safely buckled in using safeguard technology_default haven™ forward facing, forward thinking innovation HAVEN_V2 $439.00 NZD


Convert your buggy into a bassinet style pram - click in, and rest on the go! NOTE: Each of our carrycots has been custom designed to fit their specific Mountain Buggy® model, so it is essential that you purchase specifically for your buggy. If you have a pre-2010 Mountain Buggy model, click here for information on compatibility.

Overly soft sleep surfaces are a risk for SUDI/SIDS - We reduce the risk! A new standard is being introduced to address the association between mattress firmness and the risk of SUDI/SIDS. We’re proud to say that each carrycot has already passed the test!
mountain buggy swift compact buggy with carrycot plus showing riding modes side view in color black_black more info carrycot plus for MB mini and swift™ one base, two fabric sets, three parent facing modes CCPS_V3.2 $329.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy carrycot plus gif image showing all 3 riding modes in colour black_black more info carrycot plus for urban jungle™, terrain™ and +one™ one base, two fabric sets, three parent facing modes CCPU_V3.2 $329.00 NZD
mountain buggy duet double buggy with two carrycot plus side view showing riding modes in color grid_grid more info carrycot plus for duet™ one base, two fabric sets, three parent facing modes CCPD_V3.2 $329.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy 2019 newborn cocoon in colour black_black newborn cocoon™ MBCN_V2 $129.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy® cocoon™ for twins shown from side with sun hood in place_black cocoon™ for twins lightweight newborn solution MB-CNTWIN_V1 $159.00 NZD

highchair, child carrier and essentials

three little kiddies being fed in their pod™ highchairs securely attached to the kitchen bench top - Mountain Buggy pod™ influencer @kisaya.malin more info pod™ highchair neat and petite, ready to eat! POD_V3 $109.00 NZD
mum carrying child in juno™ carrier pack using parent facing position - Mountain Buggy juno™ pilot Claire Thomas, mother of two, Wellington, New Zealand more info juno™ hands free, hands through connection JUNO_V1 $269.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy 2019 newborn cocoon in colour black_black newborn cocoon™ MBCN_V2 $129.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy® cocoon™ for twins shown from side with sun hood in place_black cocoon™ for twins lightweight newborn solution MB-CNTWIN_V1 $159.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy blanket folded in colour nautical_nautical more info blanket BLANKET_V1 $31.99 NZD
Mountain Buggy tyre pump in colour silver_silver tyre pump MBTP_V2 $27.99 NZD
Mountain Buggy maintenance kit closed bag_default maintenance kit TK_V1 $42.99 NZD