celebrating 30 years of Mountain Buggy®

Born on the edge of the earth, Mountain Buggy was developed from the simple and humble beginnings of a golf cart and a car seat, and a father's need to create a buggy with all terrain agility; enabling him to enjoy the outdoors with his baby.

30 years on, that still creates an inspiring image. The backyard innovation born of need; parent and child, out there, doing it. In that moment, the thought leadership and foundation of Mountain Buggy’s legendary all terrain platform was forged, and we’ve continued to design innovative and award-winning products, enabling families to live life without limit.

This year, we celebrate over 30 years of Mountain Buggy designing innovative and award-winning products; enabling families to live life without limit.

While the design and technology of the brand’s award-winning platform has evolved throughout the past quarter-century, chief executive, Campbell Gower, says the brand’s adventurous spirit, values of innovation and customer connection, and power of being the underdog remain the same today.

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CEO in factory inspecting new buggy frame

engineered for the mountains, designed for the city

The original all terrain platform is Mountain Buggy’s legacy.

Being the world’s first in a world class competitive market, Mountain Buggy is committed to staying ahead of the game, launching an all terrain revolution for the brand – making our products much more relevant to today’s modern parents, yet staying true to the brand’s authenticity and heritage.

Through time, our team of leading engineers have continuously evolved this platform, cleverly incorporating the strength of our DNA - manoeuvrability, durability, adaptability and simplicity across the collection, ensuring the superior engineering ethos runs across all of our premium, award winning products.

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of all the Mountain Buggy collection, with a promise of maximum safety assurance and high performance delivery; conscientious in delivering well-crafted products, with a personal touch; from the tactile approach ensuring that the best materials and textiles are used, to the measured care taken when assembling the parts by hand, through to the final stages of packing the product safely into its custom made packaging to ensure a safe arrival to our customers.

The pride, workmanship and collaboration delivered through all our products are crafted with utmost precision, and arrives to you with the highest level of quality guaranteed, as we believe in providing customers with products they can rely on for years to come.



patented innovations

Excellence in product design is at the heart of everything we do. Our world-class engineers and product developers have forged a global reputation for original and innovative inventions for all terrain adventure. We have been awarded 56 patents globally - official recognition for being the inventors of solutions never seen before.

At the heart of our product development we ask - “what do parents need to live life without limit?” We are a team of parents too, and our parenting moments in our day-to-day lives provides the scintilla for these new ideas. When we wish something existed - Eureka!, and we bring it to life through world-class engineering and rigorous testing by real parents.

We are proud of our track record of being original, and with numerous patented innovations already with us, we will continue to design products that will capture the imagination of parents that will enable them to live life without limit!



Mountain Buggy wins Red Dot design awards!

two Red Dot design awards

Throughout the world and across different industries, Red Dot is seen as the award for high design quality. The international Red Dot jury bestows the sought-after seal of quality only to those products that stand out clearly from comparable entries thanks to their excellent design.

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Mountain Buggy pilots

Driven by authenticity and authentic customer connections, our Mountain Buggy pilots are the brands best advocates, and lead our creative direction by featuring as the faces of our campaigns.

Each product in our collection includes five pilots from around the world, who are hand chosen to deliver a true sense of living life without limit through varying cultures, landscapes, and all terrain surfaces, differing seasons and real lifestyles.

Pilots receive these products before launch, so they experience and appreciate first hand how the buggies look, feel and perform. They then document their journey of parenthood through their product experiences; capturing everyday moments and interactions through photography, video and product reviews; which we share across our online, print and social media platforms. Pilots are our heroes and through their authentic imagery and content, they can continue to inspire parents all around the world to live their own lives without limit.



design features on new mountain buggy range

customer connections

Mountain Buggy believes in making strong customer connections around the world for our New Zealand brand and hearing valuable feedback from the people that matter – we listen, we develop, we deliver.

“Our design philosophy is characterized by I LOOK, I GET, and I FEEL. We want parents to fall in ‘love’ with our products and our innovations, we want them to feel that they ‘get’ plenty of value whether it is function or performance, and then especially we want them to ‘feel’ great about the products ongoing use. We consider that a success in design, development, marketing, and sales.” Phil Brace, product development leader

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woman walking with Mountain Buggy

we are parents, we care about safety

The design and technology of our buggies has evolved over the years, and our desire to produce premium products has led to high quality material selection, innovative engineering processes and a vigorous testing programme that includes exceeding all mandatory tests for worldwide safety standards. We are committed to providing consumers with a buggy they can rely on for years to come.

We are proud of our proven track record and perform vigorous testing to guarantee our precision engineering, tough frame structure and identify the most durable materials available. Our testing programme includes all mandatory safety standards as well as many of our own tests. Click here to see our test criteria.



work with us 

At Mountain Buggy, we're all about hiring the best and backing them to succeed. 

It's an enriching, fast-paced and multi-faceted work environment, under the phil&teds Most Excellent Buggy Company umbrella.

Our collection of brands, including Mountain Buggy, phil&teds and Mokopuna Merino, are all about enabling parents to escape the nursery prison and live a life without limit, with kids in tow!

We're not your typical working environment. First you'll be dropping your kids off at the creche in the morning, shooting down our custom-built slide to make that meeting in the afternoon, picking up a coffee from our barista on the way; all onsite!

Take a look at what's currently available and get in touch if the job sounds right. We'd love to meet you!

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