carrycot clips

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Mountain Buggy 2019+ left clip for the duet carrycot plus_black 2019+ duet™ left clip MB3-PDCLIP_ $8.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy set of 3 carry cot attachment clips for the duet buggy shown in black_black carrycot clip set MB2-PDCLIP2_ $35.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy legacy duet carrycot replacement clip set shown in black_black duet™ carrycot clip set MB1-PCCLSET3_ $19.95 NZD
Mountain Buggy legacy version carrycot clips shown in black_black carrycot clips MB1-PCCLSET1_ $19.95 NZD
Mountain Buggy duo single carrycot replacement clip in black _black duo™ single carrycot clip set MB1-PCCLSET2_ $19.95 NZD