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Discover Mountain Buggy’s full range of single buggies.
Whether you want an all-terrain or urban solution we have something for every family.
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mother of two young kids pushing their parent facing cosmopolitan buggy enjoying summer in malaga spain - cosmopolitan pilot Ana Recio - Mountain Buggy - fabric colour_black cosmopolitan™ flexibility and freedom MB-COSMO_V4 $1,099.00 NZD
mountain buggy nano travel buggy toddler mode banner - limited edition year of the rabbit fabric 2023_year-of-rabbit more info nano™ (2020+) the art of travelling light NANO_V3 $494.10 NZD $549.00 NZD
young family on tropical adventure using compact swift buggy from Mountain Buggy more info swift™ designed light, built compact SWI_V3.2 $769.00 NZD
active family visiting snowy mountains as toddler keeps warm riding in mountain buggy urban jungle all-terrain with sleeping bag more info urban jungle™ engineered for the urban active UJ_V3.2 $989.00 NZD
mum out training with toddler in terrain active buggy across the snow on a beautiful day with mountain buggy more info terrain™ maximum control, maximum performance TER_V3 $1,099.00 NZD
Mountain Buggy mini stroller in black colour_black SOLD
MB mini ultra light and tailored for the city MINI_V3.1 $659.00 NZD sold out
mountain buggy terrain active all terrain jogging buggy 3/4 view shown in colour onyx_onyx terrain™ active - limited edition maximum control, maximum performance TERPR_V3 $989.00 NZD