nano duo travel system and cocoon for twins bundle

go easy with two

nano duo travel system and cocoon for twins bundle

mountain buggy NZ


go easy with two
two kids in double seat Mountain Buggy nano duo buggy enjoying time out and about

nano duo™ buggy


Mountain Buggy® cocoon™ for twins shown from side with sun hood in place_black

cocoon™ for twins

protect infant car seat 2020 shown side on

protect™ infant car seat #1

protect infant car seat 2020 shown side on

protect™ infant car seat #2

Mountain Buggy nano duo buggy car seat adaptor shown with connectors to attach securely to buggy frame in colour black_black

nano duo™ twin travel adaptor

nano duo™ is an incredibly light and easy to manoeuvre side-by-side buggy that is great for travel or for families that require the perfect urban solution for two.

This ultimate value bundle includes a cocoon™ for twins: perfect for parents of twins wanting a simple, lightweight, newborn solution that seamlessly clips on and off the buggy - and for use as an off-buggy lie-flat sleep solution. While in the cocoon, your twins can now continue their unique bond, and lie close together in one shared, safe and cosy environment - enabling that same sense of togetherness they had in the womb.

This bundle also includes two protect™ infant car seats, providing protection, versatility and comfort for your baby offering convenience on the buggy or in the car.

  • class leading rating by Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP)
  • complies with ECER44/04 - Europe safety standard
  • protect™ features huge high side protection with thick EPS foam for impact absorption
  • built-in and fully extendable, breathable cover with UPF 50+ sun protection
  • included travel adaptor to attach the car seats to the nano duo™ buggy

    3 car installation options:

      1. install the universal base, using your car's seat belt. Click here to learn more
      2. install the ISOfix base, securing the base to ISOfix anchor points. Click here to learn more
      3. install using your car's seat belt

    Explore the ‘keep calm and carry-on™’ travel collection here.

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    "I still can't get over how compact it is when folded."

    nano duo fits in our very tight hallway without getting underfoot, in the boot of the car, and I can tell it's going to be perfect for travel further afield as well. 

    San Francisco, USA

    full features breakdown
    easy two-step compact fold
    ultra lightweight at just 9kg
    outstanding kerb pop and maneuverability
    travel system ready
    lie flat solution for two newborns
    full sized seats
    ultra lightweight
    enhanced safety
    ergonomic handle
    one big, cosy bed
    ultra lightweight
    move twins without disturbance
    at a glance
    superior manoeuvrabilty and kerb pop
    deep seat recline
    EVA wheels
    travel system ready
    5-point safety harness
    full sized seats
    Age range
    newborn - 3 years (with cocoon)
    6 months - 3 years (without cocoon)
    Fold dimensions
    51 x 73 x 28cm
    Handlebar height
    Maximum load
    15kg per seat (30kg total)
    Product weight
    Safety certified
    for the following markets:
    Europe, UK, USA,
    Aus/NZ, Canada, China
    Seat width
    nano duo™ instructions

    Setting up your nano duo is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!

    cocoon™ for twins instructions

    Setting up your cocoon™ for twins is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!

    protect™ infant car seat instructions

    Setting up your protect™ infant car seat is easy! Find all the details you need here for how to set up and use!


    accessorise your nano duo™ twin cocoon and travel system bundle further with these essentials

    Mountain Buggy nano duo fitted with double storm cover_default nano duo™ storm cover NA2SC_V1 $44.99 NZD
    Mountain Buggy nano duo fitted with double sun mesh cover_default nano duo™ sun cover NA2MC_V1 $44.99 NZD
    Mountain Buggy nano duo grab bar in colour black_default nano duo™ grab bar NA2BAR_V1 $49.99 NZD
    Mountain Buggy durable soft peach lined sleeping bag in colour ocean_ocean sleeping bag MBSB_V3 $99.00 NZD
    Mountain Buggy double satchel bag attached to duet double stroller stroller in colour grid_grid double satchel SATCHEL2_V1 $99.00 NZD
    mountain buggy pod portable high chair in lime green colour with KCCO logo full top angle_lime pod™ highchair neat and petite, ready to eat! POD_V3 $99.00 NZD
    Mountain Buggy blanket folded in colour nautical_nautical blanket BLANKET_V1 $29.00 NZD
    Mountain Buggybuggy cup holder_black buggy cup holder MB1-CH_ $10.00 NZD
    Mountain Buggy luxury down sleeping bag in colour grid_grid luxury down sleeping bag MBDSB_V2 $139.00 NZD
    mountain buggy bottle holder for drinking on the move_default bottle holder MB2-BH_ $10.00 NZD
    skyrider compact travel suitcase that doubles as a buggy while travelling shown in child mode and cary on luggage mode_black skyrider™ roll on board MB-SKYRIDER_v1 $149.00 NZD
    mountain buggy travel bag shown upright with gate checked label showing bag being taken to the plane door with KCCO logo_black travel bag XL straight to gate convenience MBTB-XL_V1 $149.00 NZD

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