double satchel

Mountain Buggy double satchel bag attached to duet double stroller stroller in colour grid_grid
Mountain Buggy double satchel bag with blanket and clips in colour grid_grid
Mountain Buggy double satchel bag opened in colour grid_grid
double satchel

double satchel

mountain buggy


Product Code: SATCHEL2_V1

Compatible across the Mountain Buggy®  range, the double satchel offers loads more storage for your buggy adventures; featuring multiple zipper closed compartments, a grid fabric interior, and the inclusion of a change mat and bag clips.

double satchel stand out features:

  • compatible across the Mountain Buggy® range, and many other brands
  • grid print interior with black canvas outer
  • multiple zips closed internal and external pockets

what's in the box:

double satchel
change mat
2 x bag clips (which attach to your buggy handle)

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