lambswool liner

Mountain Buggy lambswool liner fitted on urban jungle buggy_default
lambswool liner

lambswool liner

mountain buggy


Product Code: LWL_V2

The lambswool liner provides 100% natural woolen warmth, as well as extra comfort for your child. With a soft, natural and non-itch against skin the liner regulates temperatures in both cool and warm weather conditions.

lambswool liner stand out features:

  • 100% lambswool
  • compatible across the Mountain Buggy® range, and many other buggy brands
  • soft, natural and non-itch against skin
  • regulates temperatures in cool and warm weather conditions
  • hand wash, or cool machine wash

length - 81cms / 31.8"
width - 38cms / 14.9"
weight - 0.30kgs / 0.6lbs
$139.00 NZD

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