now reading: Mountain Buggy® unveils nano urban™: urban cool for the urban nomad
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Mountain Buggy® unveils nano urban™: urban cool for the urban nomad

Pioneers of all terrain adventure, Mountain Buggy® soars to new heights with the next in urban mobility innovation; proudly introducing nano urban™ - a sophisticated and tailored companion for the modern urban explorer.
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Whether you’re weaving through city streets or heading to sky bound adventures, nano urban™ effortlessly transforms for all your endeavours, cleverly embodying the brand’s commitment to innovation and world-class design.

Having already won a prestigious Red Dot Award for their bestselling travel stroller nano™, which was launched in 2013, Mountain Buggy® CEO Campbell Gower, set out to listen, develop and deliver to a new generation of parents who desire quality and value to take them through their parenting journey, “We took the world by storm with nano™ – delivering a product that WASN'T a one trick pony; that could not only make travel easy for parents, but also could be used for day-to-day local activities.”

reddot nano™

“I thought to myself, how can I make an award winner like nano™ more accessible and relevant to today's modern parent, where there is financial pressure globally felt by families; so that their one stroller investment is more meaningful for them. Offering a solution that spoke on so many levels, that can be custom-built right at their fingertips, AND where compromise is not an option – this was the starting point for us here with nano urban™– I didn't want to just introduce another stroller, I wanted to introduce a lifestyle.”

And it's not just a revolution of how one thinks about everyday strollers, nano urban™ is also a revelation. Driven always to deliver excellence and relevancy, Campbell explains, “We’ve been spending time researching, being a little introspective, looking at how Mountain Buggy® can continue to help parents live their life without limit™, in delivering new product, that most importantly, has innovation that is relevant for consumers. We know that the market doesn’t need yet another 4-wheel stroller! But we’ve seen, through our research, talking with consumers and retailers; that parents do want something light, compact, durable, newborn ready, and easy to use. So, we designed this product to work in a unique and compelling way.”

Mountain Buggy® CEO Campbell Gower

Limitless possibilities

With its striking aesthetic of the black frame made from super high quality 6005A T5 aircraft grade lightweight aluminium, complemented by the cocoa coloured leather detailing, nano urban™ transforms into something more than just a good-looking urban stroller.

Equipped with two sets of wheels, each delivers for a specific adventure for the family:
urban wheel set (10” rear, 7.5" front) : Manoeuvre through bustling cityscapes with absolute grace. Urban obstacles? No problem as nano urban™ glides seamlessly through, making your everyday journey feel like a breeze.
travel wheel set (5.5” all round) : When it’s time to take flight, simply click on the travel wheel set. Compact and lightweight, it’s your ticket to experiencing the art of traveling light. From airport terminals to cobblestone streets, nano urban™ keeps pace like no other, and is ready to take flight with you.

But this ability to interchange the tyres isn't new for the brand, as Campbell explains, “We invented this line of thinking with our popular jogging stroller terrain™ – where this high-performance jogger can go from a powerhouse with its 16” rear wheel tyres, to swapping to the smaller 12” tyres that's included, to suit the more urban landscape. This just further enhances the customer experience with our brand, allowing families to explore greater depths of adventure with exceptional thought leadership and design engineering. It's out of the box thinking that is a valuable offering, and one we easily applied to nano urban™.”

nano urban™ embodies the essence of Mountain Buggy’s revered DNA – Manoeuvrability, Adaptability, Durability, Simplicity:

  • Manoeuvrability: Effortlessly navigate tight spaces and crowded cafes.
  • Adaptability: A full-size, infinite recline fabric sling seat that goes lie flat for an instant bed for newborn to the toddler years.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the urban jungle and beyond... up to the skies.
  • Simplicity: With just one hand, you can fold and unfold nano urban™ for seamless transitions.

nano urban™ is not just a stroller; it’s a statement. It’s a dream for the urban retreat, a dream for the urban nomad.

Live life without limit™ with Mountain Buggy® and embrace the future of urban cool.

nano urban™ close up of wheels

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